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      The Philips Surge Protection Device 277V (SPD) is the ideal solution for maximum protection of Outdoor lighting investments. Essential for LED systems installed in high-risk areas, the advantages of using the SPD are not limited only to LED systems. The product can be used in any new or existing lighting solution, regardless of technology. The SPD offers protection without requiring a protective earth connection, making it a unique solution, suitable for Class II systems. It is specifically designed to deliver a long-lasting solution with robust protection against a wide range of temperatures, moisture and vibrations, ensuring peace of mind.


      Maximize the lifetime value of outdoor lighting applications
      No down-time due to calamities (storms, lightning strikes, etc.)
      Peace of mind on product performance


      Resistant to peaks and surges of up to 10kA/10kV
      Suitable for Class I and Class II luminaires
      Xtreme standard: Long lifetime, robust protection against moisture, vibration and temperature extremes
      Can be used with all lighting technologies
      Easy to apply in new or existing installations


      Rural roads
      Parking lots
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