Long life fluorescent lighting

MASTER TL5 High Output Xtra

MASTER TL5 High Output Xtra

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This TL5 lamp (tube diameter 16 mm) combines the advantages of a TL5 High Output lamp (TL5 HO lamps are optimized for installations requiring high light output and offer excellent lumen maintenance and color rendering) with a long and reliable lifetime. This results in extra-low maintenance costs and saves on expensive spot replacement. Main applications are places where lamp replacement costs and/or costs of disruption are high.


Longer lifetime and fewer early failures mean lower maintenance costs and facilitate change from spot to group replacement
Less waste and disposal cost at end-of-life
Allows system miniaturisation with maximum luminaire design freedom


Significant reduction of early failures through advanced long life technology
Extra long lifetime
Designed for high light output and system miniaturization (40% thinner than TL-D lamps)
Maximum light output reached at approximately 35 °C in free-burning position if an electronic driver with cut-off feature is used
Low mercury dose




Where maintenance costs are high, e.g. high ceilings or other hard-to-reach locations
Department stores, supermarkets, warehouses, production halls and public areas like car parks and railway stations
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