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The ActiLume Wireless 1-10 V system can work together with OccuSwitch Wireless devices.Wireless luminaires with the ActiLume Wireless 1-10 V system share occupancy information and switch off when all sensors detect no presence.The ActiLume 1-10 V sensor offers daylight savings to the connected wireless Switch Boxes. This daylight regulation is not shared over the wireless network.Within a wireless network it is possible to create various zones with wireless devices. Scenes can be created across these zones, and these can then be recalled using the wireless remote control.


Maximum flexibility without the additional cost of wiring; free floor-standing luminaires can be used to create a controlled lighting system.
Various sensors can be used to generate maximum energy savings by dimming the light when a person leaves the workspace, although the light will only switch off fully when all persons have left the area.
The remote control can be used to manually override the system and to store and recall three scenes.
Offers easy-to-install energy-saving solutions.
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