Accessories - completing your Luminaire Based System

Acessórios para Luminárias

Acessórios para Luminárias

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Luminaire Based Accessories cover a generic range of products which can be used to extend functionality and/or simplify the design-in of our luminaire based systems.


Luminaire based accessories offer the possibility to extend the ActiLume family
Accessories are clips, covers, rings and extension sensors
Clips will ease the installation of sensors by making it possible to clip them onto the lamp
Covers and rings are to obtain the same outer dimensions across the ActiLume family sensors and extension sensors
Ease of installation


Philips ActiLume systems are DALI- or 1-10V based lighting control system designed for maximum comfort and energy savings of up to 75% (in fully automatic mode and when used in combination with Philips HF-Regulator Touch and DALI or 1-10V ballasts)


Luminaire based accessories are designed for all ActiLume systems used in office applications, from open-plan to cell offices, lobbies or toilets, and from corridors to small meeting rooms
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